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Midcoast Youth Theater is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing performing arts opportunities to young people in Midcoast Maine. We engage 200-500 participants each season. Participation in an MYT production builds more than theatrical skill and experience.  Our engaged, creative, multi-generational mentorship builds important character assets in our children such as tolerance, cooperation, respect, creative problem-solving, confidence, public-speaking skills, team-work and leadership.

In 2014 we produced family shows in winter and spring for actors of all ages, and separate elementary, middle school and teen shows during the summer. Our elementary school program drew over 60 children. Therefore, in 2015 we are expanding our program to better meet the needs of our youngest members. This summer, we are dividing our elementary school kids into two groups by grade level--K-2 and 3-5. Our 2015 season, with 6 musicals and 20 performances throughout the year, promises to delight and engage our children, our actors of all ages, and our community.

The Heart of Midcoast Youth Theater

Our rehearsals and productions are magical. The magic is in the children, in the look of accomplishment in their eyes. It’s in the generosity of the children and teens as they mentor littler ones, support one another, and help cast members with special needs.  It’s in the singing and dancing on stage—the sum of so much hard work, and the expression of such focus and mastery. It's in the multi-generational community that is created for all who participate. It's all the magic of the theater that delights us and our audiences. In short, it’s the heart of Midcoast Youth Theater that inspires us and keeps us going.

Since it’s inception in 2003, MYT has produced and performed over 40 musicals starring hundreds of community members of all ages. Henry Eichmann, our founder, continues to give tirelessly of his time and is always generous with kindness and encouragement.