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A Healthy Organization Grows and Changes to Meet the Needs of Its Community

September 2014: With the dedication and hard work of many, we successfully completed our tenancy at 4 Pleasant Street and moved our significant costume and prop collection to a first floor location at 104 Harpswell Road in Brunswick. This location will serve us well as we continue to organize and catalogue our collection. Our performances will continue at Crooker Theater in Brunswick in the fall and spring and at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath during the summer months.

January 2014: We have found that despite our best intentions, 4 Pleasant Street has not met our needs, and leasing it is therefore not sustainable. To ensure the health of our organization we are taking steps to adapt to this reality as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We promise to keep you informed, and engaged as a community as we find more suitable space. We are grateful to the owners of 4 Pleasant Street and to all the people who donated their time and efforts towards transforming the space. That we ultimately were unable to transform this building to meet our needs does not minimize our gratitude and awe at the most outstanding work that many of you contributed. We feel optimistic about our future and hope that you will continue to support our mission of providing performing arts opportunities to the young people of Midcoast Maine. We are continuing to foster healthy relationships with our local school districts and to find partnerships in our community to enhance our mission. While 4 Pleasant cannot house the Midcoast Performing Arts Center, the vibrant and successful community that is Midcoast Youth Theater remains united and strong as we move towards closing these particular doors.